Code of Conduct

1. The welder agrees to comply with the requirements of the certification scheme of Gammax Independent Inspection Services Ltd.
2. The certificate can be suspended or withdrawn in the event of a complaint by the Employer or Third Party.
3. You have the right to appeal any decision regarding qualification.
4. You must not misuse or falsify the certificate. If so, it will result in the certificate being withdrawn.
5. You agree to work in a professional manner with due regard to Employer Confidentiality.
6. You will notify Gammax as soon as possible if anything arises affecting the welders’ ability to continue to fulfil the certification requirements.
7. You understand that if caught cheating during the exam, you will be disqualified and forfeit all fees paid.
8. You confirm that the details given are correct.
9. By signing form FO-58 this constitutes a contract between the welder and Gammax Independent Inspection Services Ltd.

Special Needs

Please inform Gammax Independent Inspection Services Limited if you have any special
needs in order to complete your test satisfactorily.


Fees are dependent upon the type of tests undertaken and whether they are conducted at
Gammax premises or the Clients’ premises. Gammax has a list of set prices per welder
qualification, which will be available upon enquiry.

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