About Gammax Independent Inspection Services Ltd
Gammax Independent Inspection Services Ltd is the leading Non Destructive Testing Specialist

Gammax Independent Inspection Services Ltd has been in its present form since 1995. We have a large customer base, including customers from the oil and gas industry to customers with formula one racing cars. Gammax Independent Inspection Services Ltd provide specialist non destructive testing inspection and consultancy services across a broad range of disciplines associated with steel fabrication and civil engineering projects.

It is our aim to respond to our clients’ requirements within 24 hours, which is one of our strengths. Another being our ability to interpret the various codes and standards as requested by our customers. In order to achieve this we have a library of current BSEN, ASME and ASTM standards.

A few of our services are Radiography (including castings), Ultrasonics, Magnetic Particle Testing and Liquid Penetrant Inspection. We also provide Alloy Verification using a Niton XRF analyser.

All welding procedures and qualifications are carried out under our UKAS accreditation as RTPO, Recognised Third Party Organisation.

All personnel are qualified to BS EN ISO 9712 and Gammax’s certification scheme for non-destructive testing personnel that complies with the requirements of SNT The company operates under UKAS accreditation as A Recognized Third Party Organisation in accordance with ISO 17020.


  • Welder Qualification to BS EN ISO 9606 and ASME IX Codes.
  • Weld Procedure Qualifications to BS EN ISO 15614 and ASME IX codes.

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