Gammax Independent Inspection Services Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Gammax) operates a certification scheme for Welders, Welding Operators, Brazers and Brazing Operators in accordance with ISO 17024.

A few of the requirements are how we handle the suspension, withdrawal and recertification of personnel. These requirements are detailed below.

Suspension, Withdrawal and Recertification

Suspending, withdrawing or reducing the scope of certification


Gammax shall suspend or withdraw certification or reduce the scope of certification should a verifiable complaint be received regarding the welder.

Suspension or withdrawal of a certificate could be as a result of fraud or providing false documents in order to receive certification. Suspension could also result if it has been shown that the welder/brazer is incapable of fulfilling their role as a certified person. A certificate can also be withdrawn if we have evidence that the candidate has acted in a fraudulent manner.

In the event of someone wishing to verify the authenticity of a welding/brazing operator qualification certificate, please click here.

Should the welder fail to resolve any complaints made against them in a timely manner, generally four weeks from date of complaint, then they will be notified that their certificate has been withdrawn.

While the welder is undergoing an investigation regarding their certification and the suspension of their certificate, they will be advised via email or letter that they must not make reference to their suspended certificate.

In the event of a complaint being upheld and the certificate withdrawn, the welder will be informed via email or letter that they must not make reference to their previous withdrawn certification and the withdrawn certificate must be returned to Gammax.


Recertification process

Gammax has a typical roadmap for gaining welding and brazing certification. The recertification route is similar to the initial certification process and can be found by clicking here.

Gammax will ensure that prior to the recertification process the welder completes a Certification Application Form. If available, volumetric NDT reports will be reviewed confirming the welders’ competence.

The recertification period shall be based upon the welding/brazing standards being followed. This will ensure that the regulatory requirements, changes to normative documents, changes in the relevant scheme requirements, the nature and maturity of the industry or field in which the certified person is working, the risks resulting from an incompetent person, ongoing changes in technology, and requirements for certified personnel, requirements of interested parties and the frequency and content of surveillance activities, if required by the scheme, have been met.

The selected recertification activities selected in the appropriate standard and performed by suitably qualified independent personnel can be used to confirm the continued competence of the certified welder/brazer.

Recertification of the candidate can also involve an informal but structured interview at their place of work or Gammax premises. This would include being a member of a trade organisation, a review of previous volumetric NDT certificates, it could also involve an oral or written examination. The dexterity of the welder can be observed either prior to or during welding.

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