The Importance of Weld Inspection Certification for Your Organisation in the UK
The Importance of Weld Inspection Certification for Your Organisation in the UK

In today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape, ensuring the quality and integrity of welded structures is paramount for safety. Weld inspection certificates play a pivotal role in upholding these standards, offering organisations in the UK a competitive edge. This blog delves into the significance of gaining a weld inspection certification and how it can positively impact […]

Types of Welding
Exploring the Different Types of Welding Techniques: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding the different types of welding procedures can help welders and businesses choose the best method for a project based on things like the type and thickness of the materials, the required strength of the weld, and how the finished product should look. Here, we will look at the most common types of welding processes and their distinguishing characteristics.

Certified Welding Inspector
Benefits of Hiring a Certified Welding Inspector

Welders take great pride in their metalworking skills which is often empowering. Welders can reshape some of the strongest materials available in the world while heat and sparks fly by. The best way to learn about any welding procedure is with the help of a certified welding inspector – this is where Gammax comes in.

Types of Welding Inspections
How Many Types of Welding Inspections Are There?

Do you want to learn more about welding inspections? If you have a metalwork business, understanding how welding works and why welding inspections are important is crucial. Welding is a necessary component of many pieces of machinery, structures, pipelines, and other important materials and equipment. Therefore, welding inspections are needed to ensure standards are met […]